How To Land That Dream Job For The New Year?

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How To Land That Dream Job For The New Year?

Landing a dream job can prove to be that difficult and at the same time could be more rewarding when we achieve it. Particularly now when it’s that time of the year when we hope for a better new year. We may consider switching jobs and set higher plans to have a better life for the coming year.

But as we all know all dreams and goals have to follow set plans and actions for a better outcome. That’s why in this article, we provide you tips for landing your dream job for a better new year. Be sure to enjoy it and stick to them for a year filled with success.

1. Know The Job

You should have it clear in your mind about the job you are going for. Are you going for the salary? Is it for the nature of the workplace (probably it has a good reputation, it is among the big companies to work in in the world, or it has a good work-life balance?

Do you also think that probably now is the time to gain massive knowledge, skills, and experience about your job and you seek a workplace that can provide that while you earn?

2. Gauge Your Skillset

After you have been clear about the job role that you want, you should now ascertain the skills gap that prevents you from landing such a job.

Are you deficient in certain qualifications, skills, and experience for the job?

3. Have The Skills

Having fully gauge your skillset, you should have ascertained if you are fit for the role or not. And if you haven’t you must take the necessary step to acquire such capability.

The very necessary step in possessing any job is the skills. Your skill level determines your expertise, and experience in the job, and this comes alongside having the necessary qualifications for it.

As healthcare professionals, you may consider taking some of this if they align with your goals. For example, USMLE, PLAB, IELTS, MDCN, BLS, OET, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria Exams, etc.

4. Apply

After having the required qualifications, experience, and skills for the job, the next thing you can do is apply.

Keep applying for the job, and request feedback from the company if you haven’t received any responses.

5. Apply Again

Yes, apply again. You heard that apply again. To land your dream job, you will need to apply many times. After having the necessary qualifications, and skillsets, landing your dream job is like rolling double dies and aiming for a double six. That’s more of a bit of a random event or chance. You never can just know when you will get called for the interview and land your job.

It takes perseverance to get your dream job. You must send more applications and more frequently. And sure one of them will eventually click.

6. Accept The Interview Invitation 

Having the right skillsets from following the steps previously and with perseverance, you are sure to be called up for an interview.

7. Acing The Interview

Acing the interview is the most important and final aspect of the job application. Acing the interview is simple. You should understand that before now, submitting your CVs and cover letters were more about yourself. However, for the interview, it is more about the company. Your interview already knows about you and your abilities from your CVs and cover letters and they have shortlisted the best candidates for the job.

One thing you are called on for the interview is not only to prove that you have such capabilities in your applications, but also to show them how your qualification, skills, and experience can align with their company, move it forward, and bring an excellent return.

The interview stage requires that you have done extensive research about what to face on the day of the interview and about possible exams/tests that may occur. You should research extensively about the organization and find out how your skills can be such a tremendous help to their company.

Finally practice, practice, practice. You should practice as well many times before the interview. This helps to make the interview day very natural to you. You could as well tell someone to act as an interviewer. Or you could as well use your mirror image sitting in front of a mirror and practicing for the interview day. You should practice as many times as you are confident before the interview day. For very big company interviews, I do practice about 10 to 13 times. Consequently, the interview gets very easy for me.

8. Go For The Interview

Going for the interview, you should dress well. If possible, you should wear a color that stands for the company. Yeah, each company has its broad color.

Maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Finally, you should let them know about yourself, and your knowledge, skills, gained from the past, and how you can use it to lead the company to bring better outcomes.

9. Hope For The Best Outcome

After the interview, you don’t need to upbeat yourself about anything that probably went wrong on your part. Everyone makes mistakes. You should hope for the best and wait for the response.

10. Congratulations You Have Been…

Congratulations You have been offered….

Now that you have scaled through all hurdles, finally received your job offer letter, you shouldn’t hesitate to accept it if need be. You should text the company for the offer and let them into that you look forward to resuming soon when your set date starts.

On the other hand, if you do not receive any response from the interview, it’s always good to ask for feedback from them. There aren’t any specific reasons why an employer may not deem you fit for a job. It most likely wouldn’t have anything to do with your skillset, salary request, experience, or whatsoever. An employer may decide to employ workers with lesser experience for reasons best known to him. At the same time, they may decide to employ a worker with much experience for reasons best known to them. And the same also goes for other criteria like skill, salaries, qualifications, etc.

It could just be that it’s not probably your time to have such a job. So, keep trying and never stop submitting applications.

“Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up. Your day will come.” Mandy Hale

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison.

Good luck, the very best of 2022 awaits you.

You have any thoughts about landing your dream job in 2022 let us know in the comments section below.

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