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Dangote Group is one of Nigeria’s largest conglomerates known for its high-quality goods and business operations.

They have factory locations in a good number of states in Nigeria such as Lagos, Kogi, Edo, Port Harcourt, Kwara, Kano, and Calabar. However, their business operations headquarters is in Lagos.

Dangote Group has a large market in Cement Manufacturing, Sugar Milling, Sugar Refining, Flour Milling, Pasta (Spaghetti & Macaroni), Cement Terminals, Port Operations, Noodles Manufacturing, Packaging Material Production, and Salt Refining.

Hence, Dangote Group regularly seek out new employees in their company. One of such employees highly regarded in Dangote Groups are medical officers.

Dangote Group has a lot of employees exposed to hazard environment due the nature of the manufacturing industry. Hence, they regularly seek out healthcare workers who will provide healthcare support for Dangote Group workers.

Dangote Group medical officers will be required to provide both work related and non work related healthcare services.

Below, you will find the list of medical officers job at Dangote Group and Refineries.

Medical Officer Job At Dangote Group / March 12, 2022
Medical Officer Job At Dangote Group / December 18, 2022

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