About HealthJobsNG

There has never been such a large industry as the healthcare industry. Many job functions and organizations work together to facilitate the delivery of healthcare to the highest standards and even to the point of doctor-patient contact and beyond.

These job functions and organizations include healthcare professionals & non-clinical healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations working separately and or together to produce the best care.

From the management organizations to the administrators, and finally to the point of contact with the physician entails a lot of professionals.

These organizations comprise the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Health Insurance Companies, Staffing Companies, Private/Government Hospitals, Primary Medical Centres, Teaching Hospital, Pharmaceuticals, Biomedical Companies, Medical Equipment, Manufacturing Companies, and so on. These organizations employ the services of Medical Directors, Clinical Managers, Stakeholders, Accountants, Medical Attorneys, Sales Managers & Representatives, Medical Volunteers, Medical Students/, IT Staff, Biomedical Engineers, Paramedics, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dieticians, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Physicians, Medical Officers, Senior Medical Officers, Residents, Dentists, Surgeons, Consultants, Specialists, and many more.

At healthjobsng, we aim to simplify and bring together these organizations and professionals in the Nigerian healthcare industry in one commonplace. By doing this, healthcare and non-healthcare professionals can have access and insight into the Nigerian Healthcare Industry.

One approach we take is to regularly post new jobs on our site. Through these, professionals will be aware of jobs available to them, get access to them and apply for them.

Another approach is to disseminate industry news, conferences, scholarships, and resources that they will use for the advancement and development of their medical careers.

Many of these resources include medical text/articles, past question papers for medical undergraduates and postgraduates preparing for foreign and national Medical Professional Examinations. We have also provided Medical students’ med notes, past papers, and practice questions for preparing for undergraduate medical examinations.

It is our aim that as we bring together these professionals, the Nigerian Healthcare Industry will beget depth, alliance, and outstanding greatness.