Company: First Cardiology Consultants

Location: Lagos

Job type: Full-Time

Department: Nursing


Job Description:

We are looking for a competent and experienced Perioperative nurse/Theatre nurse who has experience in cardiac thoracic surgeries to assist our surgeon during operations and keep the operating room sterile at all times. The candidate needs to possess phenomenal efficiency and attention to detail with a strong knowledge of operation procedures and patient safety. The ideal must be compassionate and goes one step further by being a critical thinker, fast to act in emergencies.

• Assisting Surgeons during surgical procedures (cardiac thoracic surgeries) in theatre.

• Administration of drugs via oral, intravenous, intramuscular, dermal, topical, inhalation and subcutaneous routes and identification of drug reactions and adverse effect

• Collaborating with surgical Teams and other medical professionals on patient medication and post-surgery care, Performs neurologic assessment and area specific assessment depending on the case of the patient

• Oxygen administration via nasal cannula, face mask, non-rebreather mask, and bag valve mask ventilation

• Providing surgical patients with perioperative care in recovery, procedure, operating room and performing head-to-toe assessment on all patients

• Provides support and adequate education to the patient and family, including them in formulating plan of care

• Circulating/scrubbing patients during and after surgical procedure

• Inventory taking and keeping proper Documentation by updating patient files and medical records at the Medical records unit


-Experienced in cardiac thoracic surgeries.

-RN/B.Sc. Degree with up to 4 years and above experience and in a similar role

-Training and Certification in relevant nursing specialties and procedures (RPON certification.

-Full registration with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria with a valid practice license.

-Experience in theatre/demonstrated relevant clinical nursing experience, preferably in a surgical or orthopedics environment.

-A good team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

-Maintains confidentiality in matters relating to patients and family and client facility staff.

-Resuscitation skills and procedures-BLS, ALS, PLS

-Attention to details

-Professional and ethical

Interested candidates should send their Cv/Resume via email to


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