Here is a Dental position available in Abia State, Nigeria

Job description

  • Preparing operating rooms for surgery by sterilizing equipment, preparing instruments, and setting up equipment
  • Examining patients to determine their dental health needs and developing treatment plans
  • Administering local anesthetics and sedatives as needed during dental procedures
  • Cleaning teeth and removing stains using tools such as ultrasonic cleaners or air abrasion devices
  • Performing surgery on gums, jaws, and other parts of the mouth to treat disease or injury
  • Determining the need for extractions or surgical removal of teeth
  • Diagnosing and treating periodontal (gum) disease by performing biopsies and charting progress
  • Administering local anesthetics, performing extractions, and replacing missing teeth with implants and dentures
  • Recommending ways to improve oral hygiene at home to prevent tooth loss and disease from recurring

To Apply, Send Your CV And Cover Letter To or Contact E Clinics And Diagnostic Centre at +234 701 000 2008

By Dr Nathaniel

Nat is a pioneer of His commitment to excellence in medical writing has earned him recognition as a trusted authority in the field. He have collaborated with leading healthcare organizations, authored thought-provoking articles, and played a pivotal role in raising health literacy levels across diverse audiences.

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