The MDCN Folio Number is unique piece of numbers assigned to each registered medical doctor and dentists in Nigeria.

The essence of the folio Number is to ensure that each medical doctor and dentist in Nigeria can be easily identified genuinely.

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When Is The MDCN Folio Number Given?

On or after the day of medical graduates induction into the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, they will be given their folio number.

Medical graduates will be able to see their folio number on their Provisional License Certificate which is given on the day of their medical induction.

If for some reasons you didn’t collect your provisional license on the day of your induction, you will be able to see your folio Number anytime you collect it.

What Can I Use The Folio Number To Do?

Since the folio Number is a unique number, it’s the number the MDCN database will use to recognize you whenever you log in to their system for different purposes.

Such purposes could be for housemanship application, housemanship payment, doctors full license registration, license renewal, payment of levys, collection of certificate of good standing, verification of a doctor’s license, and many other purposes.

Where Will I Get My MDCN Folio Number?

At the place of medical induction, you will get your folio number which will be registered on your provisional license.

You can also get your folio number online when it’s uploaded on the MDCN portal if you are a foreign medical graduate that passee the MDCN examination.

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