Around the first week of this month in October, the MDCN visited the GMC of UK.

The visit was for a discussion on the possibility of the UK government to repatriate some funds from Nigerian doctors who were trained with tax payer’s fund.

The other aspect of the discussion was on the tide of brain drain of doctors.

On October 26, 2022, the MDCN released a statement debunking the news that the MDCN went to visit the General Medical Council of UK to make it a mandate that all Nigerian trained doctors must practice at least 10 years before being qualified to live or work in the UK or anywhere abroad.

MDCN has stated that such claims are false. MDCN has stated their disclaimer shown below.

By Dr Nathaniel

Nat is a pioneer of His commitment to excellence in medical writing has earned him recognition as a trusted authority in the field. He have collaborated with leading healthcare organizations, authored thought-provoking articles, and played a pivotal role in raising health literacy levels across diverse audiences.

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