After housemanship in Nigeria, houseofficers will move forward to upgrade their current provisional license to the full license.

With the full license, they can gradually climb to the different ranks of medical practice.

First, with the full license, an houseofficer will move forward to commence and complete their National Youth Service Corps. After which a wide range of fields and ranks in Medicine will be available to them.

On the other hand, if they were above the 30 years old at the point of graduating medical school, they can apply for NYSC exemption which will just be fine as completing the NYSC.

What Is Next After Housemanship In Nigeria?

After the the collection of the NYSC certificate or the exemption certificate, there are tons of awaiting opportunities for the medical practitioners.

#1: Medical Practioner

Those who wants to move to the academia line practicing in teaching hospitals can decide to be Residents. However, to be residents, they will first have to take the NPMCN primaries exam.

However, those who don’t want to be in the academia can go straight to being a medical officer.

In the academia line, they advance through the ranks of Residents ➡️ Senior Residents ➡️ Consultants and/ Specialists.

In the non academic line, they move from being a medical officer to a senior medical officer.

#2: Postgraduate Medical Opportunities For Houseofficers After Housemanship

Other opportunities available for houseofficers includes going for postgraduate medical studies where they can get certifications in different areas of Medicine. There are post graduate medical degrees in public health, forensic medicine, etc.

#3: Practice Abroad

Another opportunity available for houseofficers after finishing their housemanship and youth service include practicing in other countries.

They can take the country board examinations to practice there if they pass it. They can take USLME to practice in United States, Israel, New Zealand, UAE, and Qatar.

If they take the PLAB, they can practice in Commonwealth nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Ireland, and Scotland.

#4: Other Non-Medical Fields

For some reasons best known to a good number of medical doctors, they move into different fields outside of medicine. Some go into politics, arts, tech, and many more.

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