The salary for housemanship doctors in Nigeria vary according to the place where they practice whether it’s federal owned, state owned, or privately owned.

Generally, the top paying hospitals are the federal teaching hospitals. Next is followed by the state owned. Then finally the privately owned hospitals.

However, keep in mind that a good number of private hospitals also pay house officers with salaries as decent as that in federal teaching hospitals or state hospitals. And at times, a private hospital can pay higher than any of them.

Below, we will show you how much is housemanship salary for houseofficers in Nigeria in 2023.

Nigerian Housemanship Salary In Federal Teaching Hospitals And Federal Medical Centers

Currently in 2023, federal teaching hospitals and FMC pay houseofficers N214,000 monthly for housemanship positions.

The payment for this is done by the bursary unit of the federal government and it’s processed through the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

What this means is that only houseofficers and training institutions under the centralized housemanship placement will receive this salary.

The centralized housemanship placement is an open housemanship application done on the MDCN portal.

Housemanship Salary In State Owned Hospitals

The salary paid to houseofficers working in state hospitals like Lasuth, Imsuth, OOUTH, and many more depends on the bursary of the state.

Some state pay higher than other states. It’s not centralized like that done by the federal government. Hence, there is discrepancy in salary paid by the state.

Depending on the state hospital, the house officer can receive anywhere between N180,000 to N200,000 per month.

Housemanship Salary In Nigerian Private Hospital

Private hospital salary for houseofficers is highly subjective to the hospital. Top and established private hospitals pay higher than the average ones.

The salary range for houseofficers working in private hospitals is N150,000-N300,000

Some private hospitals include Lily Hospitals, St. Nicholas Hospital, Eko Hospital, Abuja Clinics, Havana Specialist Hospitals, and many more.

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