Consultant Anesthesiologist, St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos

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Job description

·        Monitor patient before, during, and after anesthesia and counteract adverse reactions or complications.

·        Monitor patient conditions during treatments, procedures, or activities.

·        Record type and amount of anesthesia and patient condition throughout procedure.

·        Record patient medical histories.

·        Provide and maintain life support and airway management and help prepare patients for emergency surgery.

·        Implement advanced life support techniques.

·        Prepare patients physically for medical procedures.

·        Administer anesthetic or sedation during medical procedures, using local, intravenous, spinal, or caudal methods.

·        Administer anesthetics or sedatives to control pain.

·        Examine patient, obtain medical history, and use diagnostic tests to determine risk during surgical, obstetrical, and other medical procedures.

·        Position patient on operating table to maximize patient comfort and surgical accessibility.

·        Position patients for treatment or examination.

·        Coordinate administration of anesthetics with surgeons during operation.

·        Collaborate with healthcare professionals to plan or provide treatment.               

·        Monitor patient progress or responses to treatments.

·        Confer with other medical professionals to determine type and method of anesthetic or sedation to render patient insensible to pain.

·        Collaborate with healthcare professionals to plan or provide treatment.

Seniority Level: Not Applicable

Industry: Hospital & Health Care

Employment Type:Full-time

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