For the need to ensure that only doctors that are fully qualified practice in Nigeria, there is a need to have the list of doctors registered and documented.

MDCN List Of Registered Doctors

However, only the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria has a complete list of fully qualified medical doctors practicing in Nigeria.

This information is not made public to ensure the confidentiality of Nigerian medical practitioners, doctors, and dentists.

And for confidentiality purposes, the MDCN may not be able to provide you with the full list of Medical doctors and dentists in Nigeria. However, they can help you verify the qualification of a medical doctor they are registered or not.

If you are an employer/organization, and you need to verify the credentials of a medical doctor if they are registered under the MDCN or not, you should request the original applicants’ details and send them to MDCN for verification.

Below, you will see how to verify a doctor’s credentials if they are qualified to practice or not.

How To Verify A Nigerian Doctor’s Credentials

As the list of registered doctors in Nigeria is not openly made available to the public, you can still verify a medical doctor or dentist’s credentials by following the steps below.

You should get the applicant’s original full name, date of birth, passport photograph, and folio number. The folio number is a unique number for each registered medical doctor in Nigeria.

Send the information to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria for verification.

The folio number is highly important in identifying a medical doctor. So ensure you send it to the MDCN when you need to verify a medical practitioner (doctors and dentists).

Medical And Dental Council Of Nigeria (MDCN) Contact

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) can be contacted on

Phone: 09130519156, 09077062051
Open:8am-4 pm (Monday-Friday)

However, if you are a medical graduate from a foreign country and you just passed the recent MDCN assessment examination, you can see the MDCN list of doctors and their associated folio numbers below.

Note: Only MDCN Owns The Complete List Of Doctors Registered Doctors. For Doctors Verification, Make Sure You Contact The MDCN.

How Can I Report Quack Medical Personnel, School, And Hospital?

If you are sure that a medical practitioner, school, or hospital have gone against the required standard of practice, you can report such to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

Report such by using this link:

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