Medical Officer At Reddington Hospital, Lagos

Healthcare Jobs

Job description

  • Clerking of newly admitted patients upon arrival in the wards.
  • Informing the Consultants about new patient admissions as soon as possible.
  • Ensuring investigations are promptly carried out, test results are available at the earliest possible time, and the managing Consultant is informed of results, as soon as possible.
  • Immediate implementation of patient follow-up plans made out during the ward rounds.
  • Prompt review of admitted cases upon any changes in their clinical condition, and communication with the managing Consultant.
  • Drafting of medical reports.
  • Stabilization of clinical emergencies pending review by the Consultant in the emergency room.
  • Ambulance Emergency response.
  • Attending to Health Screening patients/drafting of the health screen report at the outpatient department.
  • Patient consultations, as needed.
  • Administration of intravenous drugs prescribed at the patient clinic.
  • Drafting of Discharge report.
  • Preparing Invoice reports.
  • Getting pre-authorisation (Guarantee of payment) for in-patient cases.

To assist clinical colleagues as appropriately directed.

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