Job description

The Company

Reliance Family Clinics (RFC, a subsidiary of Reliance Health) is a patient-centered chain of primary care clinics driven by a mission to improve access to healthcare in Nigeria using data science and technology. The clinic operations are designed to make gold-standard medical care, accessible to everyday Nigerians. As such it strives to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction by providing excellent healthcare services in a friendly, supportive and respectful environment.

In addition to the quality of our services, we are extremely proud of our dynamic work environment where you can be whomever you want to be. We are a team of bubbly, hardworking individuals whose culture and core values allow us to complement each other and collaborate towards common goals.

The Position:

We are looking for an ambitious and result-oriented genius to join our clinical team as a Nurse to help provide top-notch medical care to our clients.

Key Responsibilities:

•    Undertake an initial intake of patient history and physical exam to appropriately triage patients.

•    Collect and tag specimens exactly as outlined in each medical requisition.

•    Develop effective collection techniques as they relate to groups such as paediatric and geriatric patients.

•    Properly package each specimen and ensure that every specimen is delivered to the laboratory on time.

•    Maintain an organized and clean work area based on state health laws and the guidelines of our medical organization.

•    Answer patient questions regarding collection techniques and offer additional resources on the collection process if a patient request them.

Must have:

·        Minimum Qualification of First Degree or HND

·        Registered nurse with license to practice.

·        Comfortable using basic technology including laptops and tablet devices.

·        Proven experience of success in a multidisciplinary team

·        Ability to provide patient counselling and advising in multiple relevant languages is a plus.

Company Perks

•    Competitive compensation package

•    Comprehensive family health and dental insurance

•    In-office lunch

Reliance Family Clinics is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on tribe, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, race or disability.

Seniority level: Associate

Employment type: Full-time

By Systole

Dave is an accomplished medical writer with a passion for bridging the gap of knowledge between the healthcare system in Nigeria and medical professionals and the general public.

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