Job description

Job Description:

1. Responsible for patient appointment, consultation, patient drainage, payment collection, and medicine distribution in the clinic.

2. Responsible for equipment repair and acceptance at the clinic.

3. Assistant doctors in Caring for patients.

4. Assist the marketing department to carry out clinic diagnosis and treatment Services and medical card opening publicity work.

Job Requirements

1. Have Nurse certificate
2. Have NYSC certificate
3. Have one or more years work experience
4. Full time nurse and can handle all cases in clinic.
5. Have ability to do wound dressing, Suture.
6. Responsibility, initiative performance are required.
7. Good at WPS ( Excel , Word).


Work Days:
Monday – Saturday
8:30- 6:00pm

By Systole

Dave is an accomplished medical writer with a passion for bridging the gap of knowledge between the healthcare system in Nigeria and medical professionals and the general public.

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