Job description

Job Title

Company Medical and Occupational Health Physician (CMOHP)


Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria

On-Site Accommodation available, if required

Start and Duration

Immediate Start (January/February 2022)

Responsibility and Reporting

To Chief Medical Adviser and Company Human Resources Dept Head

Vesta Healthcare Partners is the premier Healthcare Management Consultancy Firm in Nigeria. We also provide Company Medical Advisory Services to several large multinational corporations, some with a large expatriate workforce. One behalf of one of our clients, we have an exciting opportunity and are looking to recruit a resourceful and enthusiastic Company Medical and Occupational Health Physician (CMOHP), to join a dynamic team of clinicians providing Company Medical and Occupational Health Services at one of our client’s manufacturing sites, focused on the wellbeing of their key workforce.

Clinical and Management Duties

Respond to patients’ health and medical problems by obtaining a detailed history, arriving at a diagnosis, prescribing treatment or specialist referral, where necessary

  1. Request appropriate laboratory and imaging investigations and interpret the investigation results
  2. Produce and maintain responsibility for sensitive patient information including Clinical Encounter Notes, Investigation Reports, previous Medical Reports, Confidential Health Records and In-Patient Hospital Records
  3. Discuss Patient Care and Management Plans with Chief Medical Adviser
  4. Maintain and protect patient confidentiality and professionalism at all times
  5. Perform minor surgery within specific, defined capabilities
  6. Explain conditions, procedures, and prescribed treatments to patients
  7. Liaise with medical professionals at Vesta Healthcare and when relevant, in hospitals
  8. Promote health education in conjunction with other health professionals ate Vesta Healthcare
  9. Meet targets set by the Company for specified treatments e.g., COVID-19 and child immunisation
  10. Keep up to date with medical developments, treatment, and medications
  11. Review and recommend for payment by the company, hospital bills and other costs for employees referred to hospital, either as out-patients or in-patients
  12. Manager records and status of employees admitted in hospital
  13. Manage and review and medical purchase
  14. Manage the factory Clinic and provide supervision on medical staff like nurse.

Occupational Health Duties

Manage the factory’s Occupational Health Service including identification and assessment of the risks from Health Hazards in the workplace

  1. Surveillance of employees’ health and factors in the working environment and working practices which may affect employees’ health
  2. Advise on Occupational Health, Safety and Hygiene, Ergonomics and on individual and collective Protective Equipment
  3. Organise First Aid and Emergency Treatment
  4. Conduct Pre-Employment Medical Examinations to determine the suitability of prospective employee to perform the duties of the assigned role
  5. Organise periodic assessments of workplace hazards and suggestions as to the prevention of work-related injuries
  6. Review of the physical demands and essential duties of all assigned jobs in the Factory
  7. Reinforce health and safety measures and processes in the Factory premises, on a regular and continuous basis
  8. Set up preventive medicine and screening programmes as and when required
  9. Conduct Return-to-Work medical examinations after an accident or illness to determine the employee’s restrictions and to recommend to the company any accommodations that may be required
  10. Provide liaison between the employees’ personal physician and the company in cases of difficult Return-to-Work
  11. Be available to the Human Resources Department and the Chief Medical Adviser on a daily basis for discussions or same day referrals as the need arises
  12. Assist in formulation of company Health and Medical policy at the direction of the company, the Chief Medical Adviser and other employees of the company concerned with Health and Safety



  1. Primary Medical Qualification (MB BS, MB ChB)
  2. Postgraduate Occupational Health Qualification (MSc, MPH, etc)
  3. MDCN registration with valid Licence to Practice
  4. Minimum 4-5 years post-NYSC Primary Care experience
  5. Knowledge and understanding of healthcare system in Lagos
  6. Flexibility to work extended hours and weekends when required
  7. Fantastic counselling and listening skills
  8. Superb organisational and time management skills
  9. Excellent communication and decision-making skills
  10. Ability to work alone, under pressure in a fast-paced environment
  11. Compassionate nature with the ability to make patients feel at ease
  12. Great management and leadership skills


  1. Professional Postgraduate Medical Qualification (FMCP, FWACP, MRCP, MRCGP, etc)
  2. Higher Academic Qualifications (MD, PhD, etc)


To recruit the best into this role, this position offers an above-market-rate compensation package including:

  • Very Competitive Salary
  • Performance Bonus
  • Healthcare Plan: We don’t provide one
  • Pension Plan

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By Dr Bolanle

Bola has contributed to numerous publications, both in print and online, bringing a unique blend of medical accuracy and a talent for storytelling to her work. She has a knack for demystifying medical conditions, treatments, and procedures, empowering readers to know everything about the health structure.

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