Chief Medical Officer Job At King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Abuja

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King’s College Hospital Job Description

This job opening is for a Chief Medical Officer.

The King’s College Hospital NHS would like to invite an experienced Chief Medical Officer to join our groundbreaking healthcare facility in Nigeria, West Africa!

This is an exciting opportunity to join our Board and to play a major role in the leadership team.

About King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust In Abuja

The King’s College Hospital Nigeria is for the African Medical Centre of Excellence (AMCE) project in Abuja, Nigeria.

The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) carried out this project (AMCE) in partnership with King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London.

The partnership with the National Health Service – England was set up in Abuja because it is a major hub for travel across the many states in Nigeria.

As the Federal capital territory also gets a lot of visits from outside the country, the hospital is strategically located.

One of the main roles of the King’s College Hospital in Abuja will be to provide excellent healthcare service in the country. And this healthcare service will serve low and high-income patient groups in Nigeria and Africa.

Job seekers looking for jobs in Abuja in the healthcare industry will also find the King’s College Hospital NHS a decent place to work in.

Candidates looking for NHS jobs in Nigeria don’t need to look further. With this NHS job, they will gain experience in working for a UK Trust, which will help them in advancing their careers.

King’s College Hospital Nigeria Job Expectations/objectives

We are looking for an ambitious Chief Medical Officer to join our senior leadership team, to work closely with the Chief Executive, to provide strategic leadership, and influence and shape the delivery of outstanding Medical care across the AMCE and ensuring that the organisation is best placed to deliver the highest quality of care, meeting the expectations of patients, carers, commissioners and the wider system.

King’s College Hospital NHS Job Requirements

The Ideal Candidate:

Pioneers new ways of working, act as a figurehead and dynamic reference point as well as promote the ‘best of care by the best of people’.

Leads on the promotion, innovation and transformation of clinical services and pathways using information and technologies.

To See The Detailed Duties And Responsibilities/Qualifications And Experience

Please refer to the job description provided in the APPLICATION link towards the end of the post. It contains further details on duties and responsibilities as well as the qualifications and experience required for this role.

Benefits (Package) Of Working With The King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust In Abuja

  • Accommodation Allowance
  • Annual Flight allowance
  • Relocation allowance
  • Health insurance
  • Indemnity insurance
  • Pension
  • Exclusive Memberships
  • Salary Structure NHS Jobs Nigeria 

Please note that the salary on offer will be paid in US Dollars and not Great British Pounds. The salary has only been advertised in Great British Pounds, to follow the guidelines set by the Government Digital Service (GDS). An Oanda spot rate for USD/GBP as of 10th of January 2022 at 15:30, was used for conversion.

Given the nature of the roles being applied for in Nigeria, candidate information will be shared with Afreximbank Privacy notice – African Export-Import Bank ( as part of the recruitment process.

The African Medical Centre of Excellence will be implemented in four phases over six years, starting with a 170-bed specialist hospital before expanding to a 500-bed facility. The centre will have the potential to provide services to over 200,000 patients in Nigeria and a further 150,000 patients from neighbouring West African countries within its first five years of operation.

King’s College Hospital, Abuja Nigeria Specialties 

The clinical areas the centre will specialise in are Cardiology, Haematology, and Oncology. This will include specialist diagnostic services for genomics and oncology and state-of-the-art imaging and treatment capabilities.

A range of businesses providing relevant health support will support this facility and provide commercial services to its patients and staff.

Why The AMCE Project Is Located In Abuja And Nigeria 

Nigeria has the highest GDP in Africa, estimated at USD 448 Billion (World Bank, 2019), and is a leading oil producer in Africa. Nigeria is also multi-ethnic and culturally diverse with a population of about 200.9 million people spread across a federation of 36 autonomous states and the Federal Capital Territory.

Nigeria is also blessed with many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves which have waterfalls, dense rainforest, savanna, and rare primate habitats including Protected areas such Cross River National Park and Yankari National Park, and one of the most recognisable sites in Abuja, Zuma Rock.

More Information On This Job Offer

For further details / informal visits contact:

Name: Natasha Elliott

Job title: Senior Recruitment Specialist

Email address:

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Description: Work In The UK NHS Here In Nigeria At The King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Abuja.

Chief Medical Officer Job At King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Abuja

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