Congratulations on passing the recently concluded MDCN exam. All the reading, studying, and practicing for the examination finally yielded a positive result.

However, it’s time to employ all that you have learnt throughout your medical education to patient care. And this journey will start through your housemanship in Nigeria.

What Is Next After Passing The MDCN Exam?

After passing the MDCN assessment examination, it is the induction to the Medical and Dental Practice in Nigeria that is next. You will wait for a few days from MDCN to receive the official information about the medical induction.

After the induction, your medical housemanship in Nigeria will be next. Read this page before to understand what the Medical Housemanship in Nigeria entails.

After completing your housemanship, it’s your completion of the National Youth Service Corps that remains. Check out to see if you are eligible for the National Youth Service. If you aren’t eligible (typically if you are above 30 years at the point of graduation), you can apply for the National Youth Service exemption.

How To Check The MDCN Examination Results?

The MDCN will usually release their examination results a day after the exam. Below, you will find the exam result of the just concluded MDCN examination. View below to check the pass list.

What If You Didn’t Pass The MDCN Exam?

First of all, note that it is fine to feel bad about yourself if you didn’t pass the MDCN examination. However, you should move forward from there and see the light that you will pass the next examination.

To guarantee your pass for the next examination you should:

  1. Find your lapses in the last examination. Your lapses may come from one of the combination of MCQs, short essays, long essays, or the OSCE examination.
  2. Set a study plan for the next examination and adequately prepare for it ensuring you are working on your lapses.
  3. Get textbooks and past questions for this examination and use a focused reading approach. Focused reading approach mean read according to the branches you are going to be asked questions on. For instance, set a particular day to study surgery and its practice questions, O&G and it practice questions, Pediatrics and it practice Questions, Public health and it practice questions, Radiology and its practice questions, Physiology and its practice questions, anatomy and it practice questions, and others.
  4. Practice and study as many times as possible.
  5. Join MDCN examination tutorial and practice groups both online and offline.

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