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About Platos Health

Platos Health is a venture-backed digital therapeutics company focused on equality of opportunities in healthcare. Today, we are harnessing some of the latest scientific research in developing a new online care model for the prevention, monitoring, and reversal of chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus. Tomorrow, we might be using personal health information and advanced analytics to recommend the best intervention for patients. The future is open.

Role Overview

As our Endocrinologist, you will bring your medical, clinical, and research expertise to drive our vision of developing a new online care model to manage and reverse diabetes. In this role, you will work with expert advisors to iterate our approach, lead care delivery to our members, and work with the product team to translate research outcomes into digitally-enabled solutions.

Job Description

Care Delivery

  • Act as in-house endocrinologist managing members’ specialist needs as part of our outcome-focused DM program.
  • Collaborate with other care providers in delivering high-quality care to Zest members.
  • Collaborate with care providers to standardize processes and patient management procedures.
  • Provide technical support in acquiring and onboarding other care providers to the Zest platform.
  • Ensure the highest standard on all clinical activities related to patient management and program delivery.
  • Be the voice of zest and related products in the industry and to other practitioners.

Clinical Research

  • Through collaboration and expert leadership, improve existing programs based on available research, data, and insights.
  • Provide technical support in incorporating evidence-based diet-drug balance into our programs.
  • Leverage existing insights to develop science-backed, evidence-based lifestyle programs to reversing type 2 diabetes.
  • Identify and collaborate with expert advisors to develop research studies to generate evidence to support the effectiveness of our solutions.

Cross-functional Collaboration

  • Ensure the application of the highest standard of science is embedded in our products.
  • Collaborate with our design, technology, and clinical operations team in bringing the highest standards of diabetes management into developing features of our platform.
  • Support the content team in creating content relevant to our approach of managing diabetes.
  • Prepare and provide technical support in activities related to patients acquisition.
  • Take an active role in related speaking engagements when working with the community or other patient groups.

Core Requirements

  • Have 3+ years of post-residency experience.
  • Good understanding of and passion for leveraging lifestyle medicine to prevent and reverse diabetes.
  • Experience conducting and interpreting clinical research related to diabetes management.
  • Patient empathy is your care philosophy with a human-first approach to care delivery and patient support.
  • You are excellent at communicating or leading specialist conversations with diverse stakeholders groups.
  • You have a keen eye for details as evident in your case notes, and communication.
  • Flexibility and adaptability are vital traits evident in your work culture and professional practice.
  • You are available to work for a minimum of 20 hours per week.
  • You are available for a 6-months fixed-time contractual agreement.

Additional Requirements

  • You can leverage patient data to make decisions
  • You are technology savvy – meaning you can use a computer and mobile applications
  • Working proficiency in English (Ability to speak any other Nigerian Language is a plus).
  • You are a problem solver and critical thinker.
  • You see the potential of using technology to solve some of the challenges endemic in our current health system.
  • You are curious about startup culture and working in small self-organizing teams.

What we offer

  • Negotiable gross monthly salary between 250,000 – 350,000 Naira.
  • A diverse, collaborative work environment committed to self-learning and professional development.

Seniority level: Associate

Industry: Hospital & Health Care

Employment type: Part-time

Job functions: Health Care Provider

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