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Family Physician


Healthlane’s mission is to enable everyone to live longer and healthier lives. We’re investing in world class technology and building tools to simplify how people understand, track and optimise their health. Life expectancy in Africa averages between 62-65 years; if we’re successful, we can add 20-30 more healthy years to this, in the short term and in the long term, develop therapies to be forever young at 150. 


General Assessment: Assessing clients’ past history which includes but not limited to lifestyle, diet history, medical and surgical history, immune/allergy, family history, review of symptoms, and clearly communicating to the client the root cause of the condition they may be experiencing. Develop personalised health programs that make use of historical data and lab tests. 

Provide Holistic care to clients: Focus on managing the person rather than the disease they may have. Providing care beyond drug prescription and based on root cause such as lifestyle changes, diet, activity level, hygiene, stress management, supplements, based on Healthlane’s protocol.

Order and Interpret Diagnostic tests: Request and interpret diagnostic and clinical tests, explain the test results to clients and implement a care plan.

Online Coaching: Follow-up clients after consultation and provide support for any related issues, questions or concerns. Monitor client progress and responses to care plan and adjust as need be.

Reporting: Report to Medical Director and collaborate to improve health outcomes of the clients.


  • Have an MD degree with license to practice in country.
  • Passion for preventive healthcare
  • Should think out of the box beyond conventional medicine practice.
  • Should have a personal motivation to improve health outcomes.
  • Be proactive in building relationships and recommend external specialists when client’s require treatment
  • Good listening skills; Excellent verbal, written, interpersonal communication skills; proficiency in English.
  • Sense of ownership, critical thinker and problem solving skills; team player.
  • Meticulous attention to detail; analytical skills.
  • Work (can relocate) primarily from Lagos office. 
  • Working knowledge of MS Office (especially Excel) and database systems.
  • Ability to work autonomously and under pressure; Time management skills.
  • Discretion and confidentiality

Perks of the job: great salary, working environment, colleagues, resources; assistance with relocation; international sickcare insurance for you, spouse, kids; paid holidays; world class training; Healthlane goodies, etc.

Action: Want to join us, send CV and motivation letter to (copy: Do you know a good fit? Please send her details (phone, email or linkedin) to the same address above and get a $500 cash reward if we recruit her/him.

Click the link ➡ HERE to apply

By Dr Nathaniel

Nat is a pioneer of His commitment to excellence in medical writing has earned him recognition as a trusted authority in the field. He have collaborated with leading healthcare organizations, authored thought-provoking articles, and played a pivotal role in raising health literacy levels across diverse audiences.

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