The residents salary in Nigeria varies according to rank.

Below you will find out the salary of each rank of the resident doctors.

1st Rank

The first rank is the Junior Registrar or simply called resident. They are paid between N302,000 to N303,000 naira monthly in Nigeria according to the federal structure of salary.

2nd Rank

The second rank is the Senior Registrar II. The senior Registrar II are paid N350,000 to N360,000 Naira monthly.

3rd Rank

The third rank is the Senior Registrar I. The senior Registrar I are paid N450,000 to N460,000 naira monthly.

4th Rank

Finally, the last rank is that of the consultants. The Consultants are paid up to N700,000 and above. They can get more depending on other functions they perform in the medical institutions. The Consultants are also involved in research, academic teaching, and many more.

So that’s it. These information given here are how much each of this medical professionals earn in their respective hospitals.

You should note that the earnings can vary between the type of hospitals or training institutions.

The above given salary value are for federal hospitals or federal teaching hospitals. For state owned residency training centres, the salary will defer based on the salary structure of the state.

And that of private owned hospitals will simply depend on the disbursements of the hospital.

By Dr Nathaniel

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