Infection Control Nurse, Reddington Hospital, Lagos

Job description

The post holder will oversee overall infection control and prevention related activities within the hospital. Provide administrative, surveillance and consultative work in planning, developing, coordinating and administering an Infection Control Program in Reddington Hospital and to ensure that the program is carried out properly, effectively and efficiently throughout the hospital and educating patients and staff regarding infection control practices




· Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse or double qualification/experience

· Knowledge of Quality monitoring, root cause analysis, and quality improvement techniques.

· Analytics skills

· Ability to provide detailed and accurate reports

· Time Management


Victoria Island


N150,000 – N250,000


The post holder will ensure:

●       Monitor service delivery system of organization to implement Quality Infection prevention practices using multi-disciplinary approach to empower staff and challenge poor practices and behavior which compromises patient care.

●       Coordinate with the head of organization committee members and Chief nursing officer to lay-down the strategies on infection prevention and control guidelines and implement it in organization.

●       Coordinate the committee members and set strategies and operational meetings internally and externally for infection prevention issues.

●       Play a role model in nursing care and used advanced expertise to advise all great and disciplined staff on appropriate care for all patients (IPD/OPD) and also act as specialist advisor to all staff clinical and non-clinical on issues related to infection prevention and control.

●       Investigate outbreak and episodes of cross infection (HAI) with reference to their source mode of spread and means of control.

●       implement the resources provides by the hospital for prevention and control of infection

●       plan, organize and coordinate audit and monitoring of wards, hospital environment to ensure the infection prevention and control practices

●       Monitor the process of biomedical waste segregation, handling, transportation and implement the national guidelines in hospital premises and perform random audits on them also update it annually as per updating of national guidelines.

●       Implement and document the infection prevention guideline on air, water domestic lonely, paste control activity in hospital to prevent the spread of infection.

●       Develop the training program on Infection prevention activity for both staff and visitors.

●       Act as a source able to educate advice inform patients relatives and general public about the infection prevention control related issues.

●        Monitor and advise on the equipment cleaning and maintenance protocol to prevent the infection.

●       Coordinate with all departments, update them about data of infection control on monthly basis and give advice to improve practices for infection prevention and also in designing the staff safety protocols and implement them within the premises.

● Alert Chief Compliance Officer to any emergent problem.


By Dr Nathaniel

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