The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria hereby notifies all intending House officers, employers of house officers, other stakeholders and the general public that there is an Established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of securing placement for housemanship under the centralized posting of medical and dental House officers.

Any Doctor seeking posting is required to follow these step by step procedures to secure placement:
1.    Use the information on the Provisional Registration Certificate, a doctor registers for posting on the housemanship portal.
2.    Login, to see available housemanship training institutions with vacancies for selection of posting of your choice.
3.    Only training centers with vacancies are displayed on the doctors’ portal page. Note that empty list means no vacancy exists at the moment.
4.    As soon as posting selection is successful, identical copies of posting letters are automatically released to the doctor and the chosen institution via registered emails.
5.    Please note the deadline for resumption as contained in the posting letter.
6.    Any house officer who does not resume training within the resumption timeframe will have his posting canceled automatically.
7.    Every posting cancellation releases the occupied space for awaiting house officer to choose from.
8.    Training institutions are granted access to clear house officers on monthly basis for payment of allowances and communicate with the MDCN on other administrative matters.
9.    Electronic correspondences on housemanship can be sent to the MDCN  via and for administrative/technical and payment matters respectively.
10.    Each house officer’s completion of training and subsequent sign-off, automatically creates a space in the affected training institution. However, the MDCN will not publish vacancies on the portal until house officers who commenced training before deployment of the portal, complete their training.

In the light of the above, Council hereby advises all intending house officers to strictly follow these procedures when seeking posting.
In the event that a particular institution cannot be accessed at any point, it means that vacancies do not exist in such Institutions at that particular time. Such applicants are advised to try other places for their posting or exercise patience until when new vacancies shall be declared.

Important to note:
i.    Placement for house jobs is through the Portal only, and is done by Provisionally Registered doctors whenever there are vacancies in the Institutions (vacancies are presented on the portal which opens quarterly)
ii.    Doctors are therefore advised to strictly secure their posting through the Portal as they are not expected to visit any of the Council’s offices for Postings.
iii.    It is prohibited for intending house officers or their proxies to solicit for postings from any of the Council’s staff as this will no longer be condoned.
iv.    As a requirement for processing of Full Registration Certificate for House Officers recruited by Accredited Housemanship Institutions NOT currently captured on the centralized Housemanship Portal, such Institutions are required to henceforth forward to MDCN, the list indicating Name, Folio Number, Start Date and Expected End Date of all House Officers recruited at the beginning of every quarter.

Mdcn Housemanship Placement Mdcn Housemanship Portal

v.     Similarly, as a requirement for processing of Full Registration Certificate for House Officers employed at Institutions NOT currently captured on the centralized Housemanship Portal, they are required to henceforth upload their Employment Letters on the MDCN Housemanship Portal on resumption of training.


By Dr Nathaniel

Nat is a pioneer of His commitment to excellence in medical writing has earned him recognition as a trusted authority in the field. He have collaborated with leading healthcare organizations, authored thought-provoking articles, and played a pivotal role in raising health literacy levels across diverse audiences.

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