The official date of the 2023 induction is on 9th of March, 2023. This will be for the induction of medical and dental graduates who just passed the recently concluded MDCN November 2022 examinations.

The date for the second batch of induction in 2023 for medical and dental graduates that passed the July 2023 examination has been officially announced by the MDCN. The date is 4th October, 2023.

And in the meantime, the successful candidates for the exam can register on the MDCN portal before the induction day. Candidates who are not registered will not participate in the Oath taking ceremony.

To register on the MDCN portal as a new doctor, follow the page given below.

How to register on the MDCN portal as a new doctor
New Update


This is to notify the successful Candidates of Council’s Assessment Examination held at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan  in July, this year; that they have up to 72hrs (Friday, 22nd September, 2023) to register on the portal for the upcoming Induction.

They are to note that this is a final notice and those who fail to comply will not be inducted but may only be allowed to join in year 2024 batch of induction.

Thank you.



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