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Reliance Health uses Technology to Make Healthcare Accessible and Affordable.

Through an integrated approach that includes affordable health insurance, telemedicine and a combination of partner and proprietary healthcare facilities, Reliance Health offers innovative healthcare solutions that meet the needs of emerging markets.

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Our pharmacist will work with teams of pharmacy technicians at multiple locations to supervise procurement, manage supply chains and dispensation of high-quality medications to patients located across the country.

The pharmacist is responsible for measuring, monitoring and improving metrics related to the efficiency of pharmacy program and patient satisfaction.

The successful candidate will be a confident analytical thinker with skills in data entry and analysis as well as the ability to teach and train other health staff.


· Use data on prescribing patterns to build and manage formulary and inventory to maximize value and prevent waste.

· Participate in the design and optimization of IT systems for medication order entry, filling and dispensation to improve staff efficiency and decrease waiting time.

· Ensure department compliance with professional standards and legal and regulatory requirements regarding purchasing and storage of pharmaceutical inventory.

· Identify, measure, monitor and improve key metrics for improving pharmaceutical quality and care.

· Oversee infection control procedures and documentation (e.g., personal protective equipment [PPE], needle recapping) for pharmaceuticals and consumables.

· Design systems to improve productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction measures.

· Communicate key changes and updates to pharmaceutical plans and policies.

· Manage undesired behaviours, safety events and other activities that adversely affect the quality of pharmacy care and improve patient outcomes.

· Coach pharmacy staff in utilizing feedback and data to improve performance.

· Prepare reports for all staff on relevant key performance metrics.


· B. Pharm Degree from an accredited institution.

· 0 – 1 year post-NYSC clinical experience in clinic, hospital, community or retail setting.

· PCN license

· Expertise in counselling and educating patients for primary care conditions for children, adults and antenatal/postnatal.

· Expertise in counselling and educating patients for chronic illnesses including hypertension, diabetes and peptic ulcers.

· Research or data analysis experience managing large data sets using Excel, stata or other data software is an added advantage.

· Experience managing a team including technicians is an added advantage.

· Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office tools especially Excel.

· Proficiency in data collection, analysis and review is necessary.

· Excellent written and oral communication.

· Ability to communicate medical concepts in clear layman language.


As part of your application, kindly complete this assessment test ( https://www.tptests.com/?projectscode=Reliance_01087914462&lang=English). Take the assessment at a convenient time and ensure you use the same email as in the application form. The assessment will take you 110 minutes.

Please complete it within 3 days of your application.

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Job Posted on: 19th March, 2021.

Application Deadline: 24th March, 2021.

By Dr Bolanle

Bola has contributed to numerous publications, both in print and online, bringing a unique blend of medical accuracy and a talent for storytelling to her work. She has a knack for demystifying medical conditions, treatments, and procedures, empowering readers to know everything about the health structure.

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