Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Platos Health

Lagos, Nigeria

About Platos Health

Platos Health is a venture-backed digital therapeutics company focused on equality of opportunities in healthcare. Today, we are harnessing some of the latest scientific research in developing a new online care model for the prevention, monitoring, and reversal of chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus. Tomorrow, we might be using personal health information and advanced analytics to recommend the best intervention for patients. The future is open.

About your role

We are strengthening our growing team with a Senior Growth Marketing Manager to support us as we build a sustainable foundation for the growth of Zest. You will be responsible for taking ownership of our growth targets, identifying growth opportunities, and designing experiments with a cross-functional team.

Job Description

Lead and work with a cross-functional team (product, engineering, design, medical) to identify and prioritize growth opportunities for Zest, as well as execute experiments

Analyze our customers, uncover their needs and decision making criteria, and apply this information to design practical growth experiments

Create, launch and manage rapid marketing experiments with the growth team across Zest’s customer life cycle from awareness to revenue and referrals

Plan, design content, & launch creative marketing campaigns targeted at different audiences and channels

Scale and optimize channels that are already working as well as experiment with new ones

Leverage data, analytics, and automation tools to interpret data and make informed decisions.

Core Requirments

Have 5+ years of growth experience as a growth marketer, manager, and/or product management related roles

Is a problem solver willing to take risks and try non-traditional approaches to achieve our growth goals?

Are a well-rounded marketer with solid fundamentals and an understanding of strategy

Well-versed in the mechanics of growth and understands funnels or flywheels, acquisition channels (online and offline), multivariate or A/B testing, CRO, system loops, etc.

Proven track record in using experimentation to achieve growth targets, especially for a digital product

Proven ability to define and prioritize hypotheses and experiments

Skillful in leveraging customer-centric techniques such as user personas and customers journeys in creating effective marketing campaigns

You have outstanding analytical and reporting skills across product & marketing, so you can interpret data to make informed decisions

You can validate ideas by quickly launching minimum viable tests using tools such as Leadpages and not afraid to invalidate your ideas

You are familiar with marketing automation across email, messaging, and related platforms 

You have excellent skills in executing performance marketing and moderate knowledge of other marketing channels

You can engage an audience with captivating copywriting and content

Strong leadership skills

Excellent English skills

Additional Requirments

Enjoy startup culture and working in small self-organizing teams

Are a self-starter with a get-things-done attitude from day 1, and you take responsibilities

If you have a medical background, that’s a plus but not mandatory

What we offer

The possibility to learn, grow, and contribute to pioneering an alternative healthcare solution in the fast-growing health technology sector of Africa;

We believe in responsibility and ownership, so we will afford you the space and resources to make sure you can get the job done;

You’ll be working alongside very talented colleagues that know what they are doing;

Competitive gross monthly salary

You can qualify for a diverse range of benefits as you grow with us.

A diverse and collaborative work environment committed to self-learning and professional development.

Sounds like you? Click the apply button below.

Please send us your CV, portfolio, and/or even a video introduction. We are filling the position as soon as someone has proven to be the right candidate.

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