Job description

Qualification: B.Sc, BLS, ACLS,OCN
Managerial Courses
Over 5 years oncology nursing experience and over 10 years general nursing experience
400,000-500,000 (Gross)

Job Description
·         Oversee work of nursing department.

·         Prepare schedule for all shifts and ensure no overlapping and oversee all nursing facility according to hospital policies and manage all resources for same.

·         Oversee patients care and ensure patient satisfaction.

·         Coordinate regular meetings with nursing staff.

·         Coordination of social services for patients and families

·         Ensuring patients notes are typed/written concisely, accurately and up-to-date at all times.

·         Perform basic nursing duties when understaffed

·         Provide orientation to all new nursing employees and prepare training program for same as per requirement and implement all changes on systems.

·         Evaluate all continuous quality improvement programs and documents.
·         Coordinate and assist in all patient-related procedures within the clinic premises at all given times.

·         Educating and counselling patients families and the public about cancer prevention treatment and care.

·         Aligning units interest with organizational goals.

·         Overseeing management inventory of consumables and other clinical equipment.
·         Other duties not specified above that may be required by the clinic board.

By Systole

Dave is an accomplished medical writer with a passion for bridging the gap of knowledge between the healthcare system in Nigeria and medical professionals and the general public.

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